Rabu, 28 Desember 2011


23dec, thats the day when he sent me a relationship request on facebook and asked me
to accept it or not. but the strange feeling i got is, im not even happy. and on that day i felt so lazy to text him back.. guess the feeling was faded. felt so relieved :)
i think about it more than twice but in the next day he canceled the request.
i was like, whatever, he not really mean it.

then we're texting and ended up with fight.
'You'll be his second choice'' those words running around my mind.
i dont know what i was thinking, suddenly, i deleted his phone number with no reason.
confused... where else should i find his number again.

i have no more idea, i decided to ask her abt his number.
in the next day she replied nicely. and i said 'thanks'
not long afterward, she ask me something and we're started to swapping our stories.
its getting funny and so interesting. all i can said is 'wooow really? he said that to you too?'
and ended up with my loudest laugh HAHAHA.

some of the annoying things about her that i ever thought, completely wrong.
she's a nice person, and you know what? WE'RE FRIEND NOWWW. unbelievable ryt? :3

after a very very long conversation story, we decided to tweet something to nudge him.....
theeeen he retweeted our tweets and start to tweet something about us....hahahaha he said some rude words for us -______- not fuckin gentle.

we both chose to text him. know what? WE BOTH WORK TOGETHER to tease him.
its getting funny  seriously, she's so extremely fun! :3
HE GET MAD. lol i never felt like this, b4 i was like.....
well, i replied his messages and love him, we both love him.

so happy to know that she actually care about me, and afraid that he will hurt me 'again'
me either! i knew that he loved her so much, but i wont let it happen, no no im not jellyyy -_-
i dont want she get hurt anymore, not anymore..

dont know how much teardrops we spent for him, well nowww not anymore babeeeeh :]

feel so free! glad to knew that we're friend now and not gettin jelly eachother!

thank you so much! you're such an angel!! :3

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