Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

Come on. Seriously? I'm me dude.


well there, i saw you give some fuck to me but i threw it back to you :]
you dont even know my story, the story between me and him that happened a very long time ago.
it almost similar with yours BUT please dont act like i copied your story.
i have mine. think harder, am i gain any good things from copying ur love story? absolutely not.
i got some interesting side from my own love story, it happened naturally not even copying from people.
i have to say sorry for what i've done to you that made you mad or pissed off [ even idk what am i done?]

i know his story, what he feel right now. sometimes, he told me what just happened to him
and you know what?. some of his story r about you, about how awesome you are,
about how meaningful you are for him. ME, the girl that ever loved him, listening to his story
carefully, i gave some advice for him and try to make him stronger. but guess what?

IM NOT PERFECT. PERFFFECT. im not smurfy perfect.
i have my own way to do any things. not pretending to live the life of other people.
seriously, you pissed me off to. well i cant say everything about what just happened.
some of them is a secret.

Im truly sorry if you dont like me, im sorry if you think im suck but most of all
Im sorry i dont give a fuck. you do? whtever.
and i never apologize for what i feel, its like saying sorry for being real :]
I will always be me, emotions may change but feelings dont.

all i want is you to stop thinking that you're over me.
over in mean that if i have my own story and ours almost same, you're the one that think im copying.
all i want you is you to stop thinking that i just ruined everything, ruined every little things in your life.
maybe u dont said so but i thought so.

the last.
u dont know his feelings right now, how hurt he is, how confused he is.
i know it all but it doesnt mean that im more perfect for him than you. NO
I will always listen his story although some of his sttory are about you.

GTFO. and peace <3

I did.

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