Jumat, 30 Desember 2011

I screw u, boy.


yell yeah confused.. know what?
the boy i ever loved kindaa......hate me? i meant hate us.
whether ist not upside down? seriously, the one who shouldly is me.... and her.
but we dont take it seriously haha, we enjoyed it.
we enjoyed it.. kinda cruel words huh? HELL YEAAAAAAAAAH.
cause we dont throw so much hate to him, what we throw to him is..
FAD! BAHAHAHA. we got lots of fun ya knowwww.
watching he mad not gentlely, posting some status about us and he not even faced the problem.
like.. he should text us about the problem and resolve it. thats called 'a guy' ryt? he's completely not.

the way he text me become so rude, oh heey dude you're a GUY, you dont supposed to be like that.
im the one who should..i meant we're the one who should.

these words always crossing my mind ''why the heck should i knew you....again?''
BUTT, if i didnt know him for the second time, i wouldnt knew his real character look like.
and i wouldnt knew her, she helps a lots.

should i find another guy? oh bitch shut up, i found one. before him.
i left him because of that 'GAY'. he loved me, and ever shooted me but i ignore him because of that 'GAY'
what the heck i was thinking!!!!
i left the one who love me? i know i know...crazy.

he compliment me everyday, we're meet everyday.
he smiled at me, he laughs, and know what? HE SINGING FOR MEEEEEE.
his voice, spazzing me out but that 'gay' ruined everything,
dang, im so stupid. he's so perfect and i left him cause of an unperfect GAY... GAY... okay too much.

fuckin regret, so glad that he not even mad at me and..
he still said lots sweets words for me <3 awwwhhh...
not like that 'gay' kay imma change it with 'guy'.
not like that 'guy'.. he said sweet things to me and to her. weeee got hurt, asshole.

okay i conclude that, he's not the best. he's not everything, he's my nothing :3 awwh sweet ryt? :]
noo...  none of boy i loved are my everything. they're anything,
and my family are everything.

u racist bastard boy, i screw u nigga.

TOODLES xoxo:]

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