Sabtu, 10 Desember 2011

Hate this feelings so much

Dear someone who i'm trying to forget...

Just when you put it all behind you, just
when you forget about where you've been,

he comes back into your life & you realize you still need him..

What i have with him is worth it,
it is worth every lonely night, ever teari cry from missing him, & the pain i feel
from not having him close, it's worth itbecause he is my one and only, when i
picture myself years from now, i see
only him, no matter how painful the
distance can be, not having him in my
life would be so much worse..

I still have feelings for you.
not enough to want you back,
but enough to make it hurt.

And I don't miss you and you alone...I miss you and me together

eventually something is bound to happen
either you will realize that i worth it
or i will realize that you're not.
miss your smile, but
miss my own more
love rhymes with hideous car wreck
It’s hard to wait around for something you know won’t happen but it’s even harder when its everything you want

*.:.I see your screen name pop up...
I don’t want to chat you right away, I don’t want to seem desperate,
I wait a few minutes but after a while I lose the courage
I need to talk to you... please do me a favor chat me first.:.*

I cant say I don’t miss you..
because whenever I think about you,
my heart breaks all over again.
But I’m happy you’re with her...
she deserves to get her heart stomped on.
it’s the hardest thing in the universe
to listen to the guy you love talking
about the girl you want to be

but dont worry, I'll go away, far away from your life. 
I'll pretending like we NEVER meet and pretending like we never had a relationship 7 years ago.
i know, im strong so i can passed it by myself.
she deserve you more, i know you need her, only her than me.
I'm happy that you forget everything about us didnt get hurt
but i did and its fine as long as you didnt get hurt..
well, just forgot it, someday if we meet i promise to God its going casual.

Sincerely, Someone who's in the process to forget you.

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