Sabtu, 10 Desember 2011

Kay, I know its too late.


sorry ive been so crazy.
yeah now like what you guys see, ive made a new blog for myself-_-
actually, ive got 2 blog before but yeah i forgot the email and password.
its gonna be a place where im gonna pour out what has happened to me, even its bad or no.
i have a lots of diary book but i think its just basically useless.
well this is my blog, if you guys didnt like it JUST DONT READ IT KAY -_- and dont think im GROUSE. i actuall not but if theres lot of words in my mind that i would like to pour out, I BECAME GROUSE.

so wanna still get in touch with me?
here's the link where u can find me.

My twitter:
The first one is my official twitter acount, second was fanbase account and the last one for some love life advice.
My facebook: or search it Amelia Setyawati
and i know thats kind of YUCKS link.
My tumblr:
My Msn:
My YM:
Its kind of old email, so its a bit stupid.
My youtube:
I barely can sing, dance and rapping ;)

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