Selasa, 13 Desember 2011

I Realized.

ear you that i almost forgot...
I admit that im just barely stupid enough to forgot you for himhe isnt completely like me for who i am.  
I was think that he's just using me as his saturated and when his girl ignored him.I never send any message to know ur condition right now or later, I never replied your chat and when you commented my status on facebook, I was ignoring you because the status i made was for him x(
sorry .. I know I was stupid enough and I know you're the kind of person i surely need.
you're there when I really needed someone like you but I would expect a jerk like him who is just using me as a friend for his ''boredom'' things. *kinda*
now I realized, I dont need a guy like him anymore, the one and i only need is you
someone who really cares about me, though I still ignore you, and till now you still like me and and you ignored my atittude.and now im so happy because when I think about you thats the time when you text me. how about him? he sorta  upset because she was ignoring him, he kinda got frustrated because no one loves him completely. he confused ......
I'm having fun because i basically feel so fuckin free and i dont need more tears to pour out everything he did to about him? confused because her atittude was unpredictable,he got tired running for her....
and anyway you will never know how many times i've laid in my bed just thinking how stupid my atittude was in the last 2 month. im sorrySincerely, a girl who will never ever try to forget you..
anyway, if YOU read this please smile x)

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